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George Anthony Jones, designer and more...

Designer, craftsman, master gardener, and landscape artist known for creating Plantsville Pines Gardens. I have always had a love of nature, beautiful gardens and landscapes as far back as I can remember. It was my mother that got me interested in my first plants as a young child. My passion grew with age and it wasn't long before I was addicted to growing everything and an old asparagus farm was transformed into the garden of today.  The property holds a unique collection of perennials, shrubs, ornamentals, and specimen conifers. With my love for design, it wasn't long before the garden expanded into several unique garden rooms which includes an Alley garden, Boxwood parterre, Conifer garden, Cottage garden, Spirea and Rose circle, a Sunken garden and a Woodland walk. My garden has been a safe spot to me during these uncertain times and has been vastly important to my well-being. I'm grateful for my garden when visitors tell me it transports them to another place of joy. I have been featured in several publications, including Country Gardens, Flower magazine, and Connecticut Cottages and Gardens. My surface pattern designs are on and, and more work using my photographs is planned.

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